Sunday, December 16, 2007

DCC and Spline Roadbed

I purchased a Digitrax DCC system from Tony's Train Exchange for this layout. I also ordered 4 circuit breakers to allow me to have 4 power blocks. I have been operating on others layouts for several years now and you really enjoy the realism of operations that DCC allows. Then you add sound powered locomotives and the model starts being the real world in your mind.

I finally completed laying the staging yard trackage and dropped all the staging track feeders to the staging district power bus 2 weeks ago. Then I opened all the boxes for the DCC system and started reading. After getting the basics of the connections I hooked up the system and powered it up. Sound came up on the Loco and I started blowing the horn and used the bell. Now I need to sit down and figure out how to work with the CV's to properly address the Loco's I have. 3 have been purchased with DCC and sound. I have a bunch that will need DCC added and sound to some.

With the DCC system set up and tested it is time to continue with roadbed installation. I will use spline roadbed for most of the layout and plywood sheet for the town of Sanford and the other large industries. The first spline were installed last night coing out of staging heading towards the Talc plant west of Sanford. Some call it easy spline but I am already thinking that is a stretch of the imagination. I may change my opinion once I have more time working with it.