Friday, November 21, 2008

Back Drop Painting

The back drop was painted using a basic green to start the shape and profile. After that the trees and foilage was added using various shades of green. I added tree trunks in areas I plan on having the forground trees thin. I used both brushes and sponges torn into random shaped to get the desired affect.


I am ashamed to say I have not updated for months, however job related travel has kept me on the road for most of the year. When I have been home I completed laying the rest of the trackage, installed the DCC wiring, installed ground throws on all the switches and have painted the back drop. On my last week at home I put the basic scenery form in the blob area using a combination of foam and cardboard strips and then covered it with masking tape and gray paint from a previous room painting. The panoramic image above shows most of these items.