Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lessons learned

If you are like me and change your concept or idea often, never glue the track to the roadbed. I will always spike it from now on. Used liquid nails to apply the track to the corak roadbed, next to impossible to remove with out damaging track. I am glad I spiked all of the switches as they are easily removed for reuse.

Foam core scenery support is great until you tear it out, what a mess. Cardboard strips and plaster cloth only from now on.

Less is better, less area to scenic especially. I had only partially sceniced the peninsula and it was a real time consumer and material consumer. This next design will have the shelves as narrow as possible to fit the track work flats against the back drop and smaller structures if any between the bench edge.

Using linoleum for the back drop is great if it is not to high. I had used 2-1/2 foot high sections of linoleum for my back drop. It was hard to install and keep flat against the back board. As time went by its weight started to pull away from the back board. I would only use it up to 1 ft high if I ever use it again.

Layout is 50% dismantled as of today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uh Oh things are going to change

Yep, I have determined I am not happy with what I designed (AGAIN). So have been sketching and have come up with a new plan. I hate the hidden staging and kinda of knew I would at the start but went ahead with the design.

New design will use existing benchwork but will be based on a Portland Harbor/Commercial Street theme. I am not building to the actual layout of the real life area but am using different scene themes based on the prototype area.

Will start dismantling the existing layout track work and upper bench work over the next weeks.