Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PT Fantasy Engine

After seeing so many 2 axle engines relegated to switcher status I thought I would create my modern PT used purchase switcher. An ex LV, D&H Alco C420. Patched to be a PT switcher.

I have P2K Alco S-1 and S-3 in the Black MEC scheme That I need to put decoders on, and I want to do several more in PT schemes.

Until I get those done I will operate with this Engine, the "Patched" LV C420 in the prvious post 3 MEC GP-38's a B&M GP-7 and a "Patched" MP-15AC

DCC practice?

I have been reluctant to learn how to use my DCC system since the beginning. The manuals (Digitrax) and the different decoders specifics have kept me from doing much other than changing the ID on the engines. I guess I was fearful that I would permanently screw up the programming on these engines.

So for the last week I have been reading and learning how to use the system. Today was a breakthrough as I finally understood what was being displayed and how that tied into changing the CV settings. The factory setting for sound on my sound equipped engines was so loud and distracting. I resolved to fix that the other day with my Atlas engines by using the wand that comes with them, and it reset the engine to factory default including the address ( I had set all engines up for 4 digit addressing) instead of adjusting the volume. This made me read and understand that if I goofed up programming it would be easily reset. Tonight I set to lowering the volume on 2 Atlas engines and adjusting the bell rate CV on my Athearn MP-15AC. After several attempts it just clicked!

Next I will try speed matching 3 of my MEC GP-38's so they will run in a consist.

Any way, it just felt good that I made progress, I was on the verge of calling around to find a college course for DCC programing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paper Mill

This is the paper mill, it will be a finishing type like several that were in Maine. Pulp from a full mill is shipped in by boxcar and chemicals and starch are off loaded for specialty papers. The tall silo is for starch storage, made from PVC Pipe connectors and other bits from the left overs box. This is Kit bashed using parts of a Walther's Magic Pan Bakery, a Pike Stuff Manufacturing Plant and some Evergreen Plastic. There is a whole lot more detail to add but the basic structure work is complete.


The materials yard pavement is in and the road has been added. The tall gray structure is the start of the cement storage facility, the paint can is where the storage silo will be.