Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thoughts on the new design

I have been sketching new track plans. Basically I am on a path of having 4 Layout Design Elements (LDEs) separated by scenery dividers. Staging will bring trains onto the layout and provide an area to change out cars. Each LDE will be of a specific portion of the Maine Central but not from any one area. The idea here is to have several different scenes for operation and the layout as a whole will be operated as a single section but I am going to pick actual MEC prototype trackage for each LDE.

Here is today's thought, Calais (small yard), the wood chip mill at Oakland, The pulpwood loading siding at East Newport, and the Gilman Paper Mill. All four elements can fit in the space I have and I will be able to use the actual track arrangements. I have extensive information on operations at Gilman and Calais. I will do a detailed study and post additional thoughts after that.