Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Electrical Hook Up

I had hoped to save re running all of the bus wire from the circuit bkrs to the layout. After connecting 20 + leads to the yard tracks I turned on the DCC system to test.

I did not test each section as I connected to the tracks and obviously there is something seriously wrong as all 4 block circuit brkrs tripped!

I should have tested each section as I connected them to the bus wires.

Sooooo, I guess the new plan is to pull all the bus wires completely out and run new wires to each circuit breaker protected block and connect 1 section at a time, test for problems and then correct if needed and move to the next section.

Did I mention this is the part of the hobby that I do not enjoy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Additional Pics from the Trip

The 216 was power for the Notch trip a five hour trip, 2 hours up, an hour at Crawford station and 2 hrs back down. Commentary was provided on history and railroad history through out the journey. The 573 was powering the valley trains it is in a MEC / B&M Maroon scheme from the early diesel years when MEC and B&M were operated jointly. This locomotive is the engine operated under the MEC and Guilford before being sold to Conway Scenic. The bottom photo is our train at the Crawford Notch station ready to head back down to North Conway.

Visit to Maine and stop at Steamtown

Liz and I took a vacation to Maine to visit family and do some sight seeing. Took many photos along commercial street of the remaining buildings, I visited a hobby shop where I picked up a MEC S-3 and an HH600. We rode the Conway Scenic up to Crawford's Notch and had a nice lunch in the dining car.

Of note was the 252 in a MEC inspired paint scheme, only the wording on the logo changed. The Logo was "CONWAY SCENIC The Notch Train Route". The engine that pulled the Notch Train was a high nose GP-35 #216 also in the MEC inspired Harvest Gold Scheme.

On the way home we stopped in Scranton at the National Historic Site Steamtown. I enjoyed that also, but it was too much walking for Liz and here sister. I ran around every where but will have to make another trip and go by myself to really explore.

We rode in Lackawanna passenger cars behind a ex-CN 2-8-2 #3254.

I was very impressed with both operations.