Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yard 8

I have been concentrating on working scenery for a year now. I do not think I have run a train, except for a few moments to show guests, on the layout since last summer. Yard is full and a departing train and arriving train are staged (far right tracks). I should run the layout one night soon just too see if there are any bugs from all of the scenery work.

Commercial Street work starting.

Asphalt is being laid in the east end of Commercial Street. The end of July we are heading to Maine, lots of panaramic photos to take of the Portland area for the back drops. Once these are up and all of the back ordered building kits come in this will start progressing along to the left towards the west end.


Continuing with the work on the bridge, first layer of water poured, not enough as it only went 3/4 of the way when I ran out of the resin. I have also been weathering the tracks, started painting the road center stripe.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another view looking towards Commercial Street. All of the stuff in the corner is holding down the first sections of the street as the glue dries.

Moving on

The double track bridge heading towards Commercial Street has been built and installed. I still need to paint the water way and "pour" the water.

Shingle plant

The basic scenic detail is complete here. I am moving on towards Commercial street. After much thought on this plant I have determined that it is going to be an asphalt shingle plant. I have numerous photos of a plant in Lerdo California and realized as I was finishing it that the structures and look of this plant match it, almost as if I had intentionally built it that way.