Sunday, April 27, 2014

Random Pictures from WMMD Op session.

At the end of the session I am back were I started with the shifter, Luke.

The car float at Baltimore.

 Elkins yard.
A busy Cumberland yard.

The layout is multi level uses the classic car card system for car forwarding and uses a fast clock. Throttles are radio controlled DCC and all operators wear radios with the exception of the Cumberland yard crew.
Main positions are Dispatcher, MY Tower, Cumberland Yardmaster and two minions, Baltimore Yardmaster and minion, Elkins yardmaster and minion and a bunch of engineers to run the trains. This is the second time I have worked on Dick's railroad, he has a fun operating scheme and we had a great time, just don't push those other buttons on the throttles!

Running the Mine Shifter on the WMMD

I ran the mine shifter which runs from Elkins Yard to all of the local mines. I started my shift by picking up my train off empties on the siding at Luke. There is the large "Black Diamond" mine and a smaller loader on the opposite end of this area. in this photo I have brought down my second train of empty hoppers from Elkins. I am in the hole on the siding and a peddler freight is on the mine lead. We are waiting for a train to pass on it's way to Elkins.
This is Thomas were another mine and a coal dump is located that the shifter is responsible for keeping supplied with empty hoppers and pulling loads.
Elkins Yard, a crew of two is assigned to this yard also, I have requested entry into the yard with a 14 car train of loaded coal cars.

Operating the WMMD

Saturday I made a trip up Richmond way and operated the WMMD Western Maryland Moseley Division, owned and built by Dick Munnikhuysen.
The railroad is large and busy. The Cumberland yard is shown above and has three assigned positions. This yard is at the middle of an X looking route map. The ends of the X are Baltimore, Elkins - WV, Connellsville - PA and Lurgan.
 Baltimore is a main terminal and has two position assignments.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Self Evaluation

So as I ponder why I cannot finish any layout I have started in this home several issues become apparent.

1) I continue to put too much model railroad into the space I have allotted.

2) I continue to dilute my interest by over filling the room.

3) I enjoy building the models, I enjoy operating a model railroad in a realistic portrayal of the real thing. I do not like fiddling with track and electrical portion of the hobby.

4) I need to focus on the simpler is more satisfying approach.

With that said I will need to select a portion of the MEC that I can simulate with minimal compression in the space I have. The ultimate goal on the next design will be a portion of the MEC that has an interesting operational pattern (Switching) but had mainline trains running through. The design will allow long mainline trains so I can run one continuously for the non model railroad friends and family that just want to see a train running, yet when I want to entertain myself I can have a realistic operating session.

My list of candidate locations are:

Newport Junction
The paper mill at Gilman Vermont (built previously as a switching layout that was very satisfying)
Burnham Junction
Quebec Junction

So I will concentrate my research on these locations. I have a significant amount of info on the first 2 locations when it comes to actual MEC operations and industries served. The research will be on the lesser known locations.

More ramblings to follow......

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The U-515 is completed, it took 6 months from when I started working on it again.