Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Harbor Scene?

The harbor and 2 piers I have planned are also the most convenient place to set evrthing while working. I will probably not even start to complete this area until all other scenery work is done on the rest of the layout.

Paper Mill

A street level view of the Paper Mill. One other item I have been working on is car weathering. I have been weathering all of my rolling stock to some degree based the planned era of late 1980's for my line of MEC box cars are waiting for the treatment. Notice that the one on the left is freshly painted and has not had any weathering. The next 2 have weathering, but the trucks and wheels never were.

Chemical? Plant

The next area I have been working on is the chemical plant. At least that is what I am planning.

The structures are kitbashed or pieces from other kits. I plan on having a lot of piping running over head, more storage bins and conveyors running between the various structures. At this point most of the items are just sitting while I look and determine if they are right for the scene or not.

Another item that needs to be complete is the high way over pass and building flats to the right of it.


It has been a lomg time since posting. Basically it is because of time. When I have time lately I have worked on the layout. So this next few posts will  update the items worked from April.

1st we have the main yard area. I had started working the back drop which did not have any back ground other than the painted room wall. After playing with different ways of doing it I have finally decided to go with a photo back drop and some narrow (1/4" thick) flats. To be able to do this I had to put up a back drop for gluing the flats and photo's to. This is complete and I have glued the 3d flats back to the back drop. While doing this I also added additional scenic detail to the yard area. Now to work on the photo back drops is ll that is left.

I always remember the engine service facilities having the ground almost black from diesel spills, coal dust I assume from the steam era also was a big contributor to this appearance. In this overall view you can see the new back drop. The darkened area at the engine service area and additional detail in the yard tracks.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Been home and finally got into the train room last week. What to do first? Operate some trains. I have printed switch lists that I filled out manually. Was fun but I just don't understand why the sound equipped locos have issues and short out but all the sound equipped locos run perfectly. This will require some investigation. Also need to really get some speed matched so I can run a couple of multiple unit sets.