Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work Progress Update

Over the holiday I managed to install the staging yard bench work and track. Built the lift bridge module and installed it (Yes I want the lift bridge more than additional commercial street trackage).

Sometimes you have information under your nose and never realize it. In order to install the bench work staging I had to clear out all the suitcases and other RR items stored in the closet. Included were several tubes with blueprints and charts from the Maine Central and a Map/Chart of all the PT trackage around Portland. WOW I had forgotten I had it. What is even more of note was that the chart lists every industrial customer that was served by the PT circa 1970! Each customer name is listed in association with the yard nearest the customer. I was explaining this little gem to my wife and how I had forgotten I had it when she made a great suggestion, have it framed and hang it in the room! I will do that and some of the other track charts would make great wall hangings if framed.