Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gillman Layout Sketch development

The sketch, the around the walls bench work is existing, I will ad a central peninsula to hold the Gilman Mill. The Connecticut River crossing is on the top shelf on the sheet. Gilman Station n the bottom shelf. Whitefield NH may end up being modeled along the right side. 

  Sat down and started re-reading all of my notes, collected articles, info in books and after taking my daily walk I sat down and came up with this sketch. 
 This photo in the MEC in Color Vol 1 of the Connecticut River crossing has always been a seen I liked.
 While I was looking through and sketching, I determined I could add in Whitefield NH as a scene also. I have not totally convinced myself on this idea yet but I think it fits well in this portion of the room.

This is some of the info in my Maine Central note book on Gilman, it was from a Rail Model Journal Article. I think this magazine was a great model railroad resource. I only wish Model Railroader would have articles similar to what were in it. I might consider subscribing again. I have several e-mail exchanges from railroaders that worked on the Mountain Division which explains the various locals and how the little bit of on line industries were worked.

I think a road trip to Vermont is in my future, the wife wants to go since she has never been.


Mike McNamara said...

Well, I have been away from checking posts for a while obviously! This is great news, I really look forward to seeing your progress on this. I think before we discussed how my Gilman was not really laid out like the prototype with the switchback, so it is cool to see you going that route. I totally think this is a great layout concept and makes so much sense in the space you have. It will be fun to operate and the continuous run is a great option. The idea of Whitfield is pretty cool too, although on your plan I'm not sure how that fits in - is the MEC extending beyond the wall of the room, or is that open space over there? Even if you leave that as an option for later, plenty to build on the peninsula and the 2 walls. My original planned called for the CT River bridge, but I compromised that for a B&M Graviton scene. I really would have loved to include that bridge though! Anyway, best of luck and keep us posted o your progress.

Cam said...

You wouldn't happen to have some photos of it? I really enjoyed my Gilman switching layout when I had it. Makes a good operating session when you just want to run a few trains by your self.