Monday, September 29, 2014

Ashland, VA?

Starting to get more of the urge to get back to model railroading and trains in general. Went through Ashland VA on the way to my Dads this week end. I am going to get all the MEC track work diagrams and MEC books out while watching the Pats tonight and see if I can narrow down the next layout design. Remembering simpler is better.


Geof Smith said...

I saw in an earlier post you were thinking of the paper mill in Gilman, the yard in Calais, and a couple of other great choices.

Another mill you might want to consider is Rumford, where you can even find a photo bacdrop commercially available of the mill itself, and with that Leeds Junction might be a worthwhile small scene.

Another spot that I always like too is the interchange with St. Lawrence & Atlantic in Danville Junction.

Cam said...

All good choices, I am going to do just one scene very well. I believe my previous idea was still too much. One LDE done well.