Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Enola, PA

On the way back from a quick trip to Maine to celebrate my Mom's B-day we stayed in Enola, PA. Across the street from Norfolk Southern's Enola yard.  Why this AMTRAK retro engine was sitting here I do not know. I can only assume it broke down and they set it here.
This is the beginning of a cut of cars going over the hump. I did not realize this at first since it is not like the classic hump yards I have seen where there is a definitive "hump".
 A car has started down into the bowl.
 The row of tracks in the back ground are much higher than the bowl track and retarders, which cannot be seen but are just down below the paved road.
 A set of yard goats has just completed running autoracks down into the bowl and is returning to start humping another cut of cars. There were two sets of hump engines working in tandem. As one set finished a cut the other set would push the next cut while the first set went back to get another cut.
The NW two bay hopper is accelerating down the bowl lead, the retarders will be activated shortly which results in some load screeching.


Mike McNamara said...

That New Haven locomotive is not Amtrak, it is actually Metro-North, which has been using a "throwback" scheme like this on a few pieces of equipment.

This actual;;y raises more of a question of why the loco is there as it is a ways off from Connecticut! Maybe it was getting some work done. Did not notice any mention of this locomotive being off the reservation in recent Railpace magazines.

Mike Mc.
Delran, NJ

Cam said...

It was on the opposite side of the yard from the engine service facilities! I mean I could not understand why it would have been there. Was surprised to see it.

mark said...

they have been sending units like this to altoona for wheel work

mark said...

enola was where they were switched out to a train going to altoona or one going back to new england